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Enter Ye, seekers of long lost glory...

Okay, if you're reading this (and I know you are) then someone has told you to visit this page.
So, Anguish is no more. But I myself have had enough fun playing in this band to think it's worth making a site for, you know, trying to relive the good times we had and forgetting the bad times we had...if any (duh!)
Site Updates

december 29th, 2001 - hurray, the very first lines

Jan 1st, 2002 - with nothing else to do, I entered quite a bit of band history

jan 2003
Okidoki, check out the Discography, with pics of the original demo and cd sleeve covers.

march 21st, 2005
YES! For all you die-hard fans who have been unable to get a copy of the valuable Anguish cd's in your grubby little hands, check out the "Downloads" section, and get a free! 96kb version of all demo songs.

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Kay then, as you might have guessed, developments concerning Anguish are somewhat slow since the band does no longer exist. This means that, apart from the occasional update (many to come since it looks like poop right now) you won't be hearing a lot of new things. Unless ofcourse you know nothing about us. in that case, visit here frequently, and who knows, I might be able to answer some of the most intriguing questions in the "why did it take so long for the drummer to get started the first recording day". Can't wait for the answer? Then stay tuned....

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